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I have 2 different methods of printing these.  The shiny ones are screenprinted just like my tshirts.  If you want one that says Ann Arbor at the bottom, I may be able to make you one, just ask.

The softer looking ones are inkjet printed.  I print these myself, so they can be customized.  You can change the colors and add names or quotes.  I can print any of the designs this way, including all of the ones you see screenprinted - but they will look softer and a little less bright.

Here's a link to all the wallhangings:
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If you don't see what you want, just let me know and I'll list it for you.  :)

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Personalized Wallhanging - Customize Color and/or Text

Looking for my Patchwork Wallhangings?  Go to my Table Linens page, and click on the color you like, they are included there as "Half-size Runners".  Or, here's a direct link to all of them: